Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Instagram: Way to Go

By Kristin McGrath

There are tons of different types of social media in today’s world. One social media site that is fairly new within the past couple of years is Instagram. What is Instagram? What is its importance?

Instagram is an app that lets you post pictures and videos. There are millions of users posting pictures of everything from everywhere in the world. Fascinating, right?

Say you have never been to the Grand Canyon, but you would like to see pictures of it other than what you get on Google Images. You can type in instagram #grandcanyon, and thousands of people’s personal pictures from their adventure at the Grand Canyon will show up! This idea of looking up any where in the world is an amazing one.

Posting pictures is fun too; they offer a bunch of different editing settings. Black and White, Amaro, and Mayfair are some of the different filters to choose from. You can adjust the lighting, shadows, and sharpness of a photo, as well. Basically, you can make a regular looking picture look like a professional took it!

There are many different types of accounts on Instagram: Workout guide accounts, healthy eating accounts, home decoration accounts, traveling accounts, and many more! Instagram has opened my eyes to the idea of traveling more often. I’ve been traveling since before I could even walk, but now thanks to Instagram I know of more interesting places to visit than I ever could imagine!

Instagram is great for anyone, and it’s very simple to set up your own account. If I could recommend any social media site, Instagram is the way to go.

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