Sunday, September 4, 2011

Journalism Live

A new semester begins, amid the destructive aftermath of a hurricane, a national economic crisis, and horrendous attacks on America a decade ago that sparked a costly war that still continues overseas. How we know, beyond our limited circle of personal experiences and communications, about the bigger story of these historic events and their effects is the job of journalism.

Journalism at its best conveys us on a daily journey of discovery, an exploration of our community and the world around us that lasts a lifetime. It provides—via newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet websites and, these days, tweets—news of what happened affecting friends and neighbors, celebrities and complete strangers.

Students at St. Thomas Aquinas College are introduced to basic journalism skills and assigned projects in which they write feature articles about aspects of current events that interest them and, they feel, other folks.

As highlighted on this website, STAC student-journalists explore a wide range of topics. Previous reports range from the internet’s impact on the music industry to the search for a missing son, movie reviews to interviews with grandparents who survived World War II, the death of a Polish president in an airliner crash in Russia to the mystery of a screaming man behind a campus dorm, critical looks at advertisements for beauty products and male-female divisions of labor to a fan’s close look at professional wrestling, mature messages in pop-punk music to who blew it in the Wall Street crash, how commuting in New York City is a daily dance with music to why a pro baseball player was suspended for using fertility drugs, as well as tips for navigating college life and a capsule tour guide to Disney World.

Stay tuned for the Fall 2011 edition of feature stories from STAC, reported here in The Sparkill Journal.