Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Video Games' Impact on Society

By William Decker

Video games bring great joy to people young and old alike. One of the companies that make video games is Nintendo. Some of the genres are shooters, racing games, platform, adventure, puzzle solving and fighting games. One of the most played genres is platforming adventure games like Super Mario Brothers. Video Games made by Nintendo have a rich history and have made an immense impact on society that affects children of all ages.

The company has an interesting history: “Nintendo started in September 1889 as a card making company” (Nintendo History). Then in 1980 the first hand held game system Game and Watch was first sold in Japan (“8 Bit Blog” 2012). Then in 1986 came the first console, the Nintendo entertainment system, and three years later in 1989 came the Game Boy (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). Then in 1992 came the Super Nintendo Entertainment system, and four years later in 1996 the Game Boy Pocket was being sold (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). 

In 1997 came the N64 and in 1998 the Game Boy Color came out, then in 2001 the Game Boy Advanced was introduced (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). In 2002 both the Game Cube and Game Advanced SP were both being sold (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). In 2004 the DS was invented then in 2005 the Game Boy Micro came to life (“8 Bit Blog” 2012). In 2006 the DS Lite and Wii were both introduced to the public (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). 2009 the DSI was introduced then a year later a much larger DSI XL came out, and in 2011 the 3ds came out (“8 Bit Blog” 2012).

Then in 2012 the most current platform console, the Wii U, came out, and later that year the 3DS XL (“8 Bit Blog” 2012; Steenbergen, 2011). This is just a small part of Nintendo’s vast gaming history that has made a major impact on the gaming industry.

Impact on Society

The impact Nintendo video games have had on society is that they help relieve stress for some people. They also give people young and old hours and hours of fun and entertainment. Another thing about video games that impacts society is they can influence a child’s behavior, like some games could teach inappropriate or bad behavior, but most games teach good wholesome values that support good behavior. Some bad behavior that stems from video games are violence, crime, and theft. Some good things that come from video games are they can teach you how to do math. They can also teach you how to be social and make friends by playing with other people. They can also help you learn how to solve puzzles, accomplish goals, and complete challenges.

This impacts my life because it gives me hours of fun and entertainment. Another thing that video games have brought to my life was introducing me to one of the most iconic gaming mascots of all time - Mario. The first system I ever played on was an N64; that was one of the most exciting thing that videogames ever brought into my life. They can help me relax and destress for hours and hours at a time. Videogames are my happy and fun place that can help me blow off steam, have fun and give me hours of entertainment and excitement. Videogames also help me calm down after a long and hard day. Videogames also bring hours and hours of replay ability for most games.

The invention of video games has made a huge impact on society. Because they are a huge part of my life, they helped me through some tough times. They are important because they have impacted society by changing the way people play games and they continue to change each and every day.

William Michael Decker Jr. is a Graphic Design major and junior at St Thomas Aquinas College. "After I get out of college I want to find a job in the field of Graphic Design. Someday I would like to advance far enough in my field to work for Nintendo."

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