Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twitter: My Kind of Media

By Danni Waterman

My favorite media is Twitter. It informs people of incoming, breaking news, it allows people to stay in touch with each other at an immediate pace, and it gives people hours of entertainment.
Personally, Twitter has allowed me to stay close with my friends back in California. Because of its immediate timeline, people communicate much faster on Twitter than an email or text message. It’s entertaining, too. There are hilarious videos, photos about people and their lives, poetry, and now news is offered. There are trending topics which allow people to talk and discuss about important topics in their circles.

Breaking news is also a feature that helps people. Never has a social media allowed faster information than the news. There also isn’t too much bias in how the news is presented; although there is a lot of commentary added, a lot of it is constructive for the future. Twitter is a message board that allows people to be creative, emotional and voice their opinions. Millions of people on the forum help each other every day.

Twitter is really an amazing tool for today’s society. People are more connected and involved with socio-cultural problems because of twitter. And it greatly influences American culture. Not only is news broadcasted but art is. Poetry is being shown on Twitter all of the time. As well as paintings, videos of people performing, singing or other artistic displays. It’s something that will enable people to be seen or become stars because of their talent. Sports are also broadcasted on Twitter and provide hours of entertainment for sports lovers.
All in all, Twitter is a great tool for society and communication. It allows people of this generation to communicate and be a part of something greater than themselves. It’s great for entertainment, eye-opening for artists, and welcoming to people of all sorts of background.

Danni Waterman is a sophomore studying Graphic Design at St. Thomas Aquinas College.

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