Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bleacher Report: A Sports Fan’s Best App

By Clint Walker                                      

My favorite media is sports journalism, which focuses on reporting both amateur and professional sporting news and events. Sports journalism works in all types of media including print, television broadcasting, and the internet. 

Sports journalism in the print medium provides a much detailed preview of various upcoming events and post-game analysis (as well as extensive box scores, team standings and player statistics). There are broadcast journalists that give real-time reporting and commentary of sporting events for the television and the radio. Sideline reporters get chances to interview players before, during, and after games. Sports media contains production teams to direct, edit, and produce sports telecasts. There are also sports photojournalists who take pictures of sporting events to capture the game experience.

My favorite sports media is the Bleacher Report, an American digital media company based in San Francisco and covering hundreds of teams and sports around the world. It is owned by Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting Systems. The company, also known as B/R, specializes in creating and curating content about trending news topics, with an emphasis on delivering opinion-oriented analysis and multimedia programming via varied content formats and mobile technologies.

Bleacher Report was founded in 2007 by David Finocchio, Alexander Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and David Nemetz, four friends and sports fans who had been high school classmates at Menlo School in Atherton, California. Finocchio remains at B/R as the unit's General Manager. Goldberg and Nemetz transitioned out of their respective VP roles during the integration process. Freund left the company in 2009. 

I have the Bleacher Report app on both my smartphone and my iPod to really stay up to date on what’s happening sports wise. ESPN is currently the largest sports broadcasting in the country, but I feel soon Bleacher Report can give them some good competition. Everything Bleacher Report does is web based because they do not have a television channel. I feel like they will soon. 

When you first download the Bleacher Report app, you can either sign in through your Facebook account or create a profile. From there, you can not only pick your favorite teams but also your favorite players to follow, which I think is pretty cool. Whenever there is breaking news, the Bleacher Report app will send you a notification on what the latest story is from trades to injuries. Now that we live in a society where everything is high tech, Bleacher Report and sports fans should have a beautiful relationship. Sure, ESPN is also fun and exciting but Bleacher Report is on the uprise and ready to take over.

Clint Walker is a junior majoring in Graphic Design at St. Thomas Aquinas College.


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