Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life’s Unforeseen Turns

By Alyssa Ramirez

How would you feel if you knew that you couldn’t save your child from everything in this world? That the least expected could happen to even you and there was no way you could protect him from a danger that you didn’t even know was there? These are the thoughts that ran through the minds of two parents from Atlanta, GA after they learned that their perfect little two-year-old boy would never be the same after one morning.

On the morning of October 29, 2012, Stacy Halstead dropped her little boy off at daycare and within a few hours was alerted that there was a terrible accident. Her son, Tripp, had been playing in the playground when a large tree limb fell onto his head and shattered his skull completely. He was immediately sent to the hospital where his parents would soon find that after that day his chances of surviving were slim to none. Tripp had sustained traumatic brain injuries from the accident and for the next five months his home would be Eagleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, where he would be enduring countless brain surgeries and fighting illnesses such as E-Coli, the flu, and meningitis. The Halstead’s whole world would change.

Prior to the accident, Tripp was known for his vivacity and charm. He was a bright child with a personality that would light up the room. He blessed everyone around him with his beautiful smile and his ability to make you laugh at even two years of age. After years of failed pregnancies and suffering from numerous complications, when Stacy finally had Tripp, there was not a day that went by where she wouldn’t thank God for being blessed with her only perfect child. Two and a half years later, Tripp can no longer be the bright boy he used to be; he is incapable of achieving normal behaviors such as walking, talking, eating solids, or smiling and his chances of surviving are still unknown and doubted by his doctors. 

Although Tripp is confronted with a new obstacle to overcome each day, he is a strong child with the heart of a lion. He keeps fighting to stay alive through these terrible conditions and just when his doctors feel that he might not pull through, he proves everyone wrong. Children are so fragile at a young age that it is a miracle that this little boy is able to come this far under his conditions.

His parents are fighters too. Both Stacy and Bill have remained in the hospital with Tripp each day that passes and they hope to stay by his side until that very day that they are able to go home. Stacy has developed a blog via Facebook titled “Tripp Updates” where she shares her story and experiences with thousands of strangers around the world. Each day she will update everyone on Tripp’s recovery situation as well as share her fears, struggles, and hopes. Stacy has won over the hearts of thousands of people who send her and Tripp their sentiments and prayers. 

The Halsteads have dedicated a website to their son titled “Team Boom 4 Tripp” where they ask for donations in order to help keep Stacy by Tripp’s bedside at the hospital. This unexpected tragedy has forever changed the lives of this small family, which in reality could happen to anyone.

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