Friday, March 22, 2013

Justin Timberlake Joins SNL’s Five-Timers Club

By Toni Ann Buchalski                                               

On March 9, the famous live comedy show Saturday Night Live added singer/performer Justin Timberlake to their Five-Timers Club. This club is exclusively for performers who have had the privilege of hosting the show at least five times or more. According to SNL history, this club was first mentioned during Tom Hanks’ fifth time hosting, which occurred on December 8, 1990. Since then, several elite guests have joined this club. This includes both hosting and musical appearances.

What makes Justin Timberlake so appealing to have him back on SNL so many times? Well, first off his looks are extremely noted by the ladies who make up a majority of his fan base. Second, he is a very talented singer and songwriter. Justin is also known to perform exceptionally well during a live set. Third, Justin has a very comedic personality. His acting skills are as flawless as his musical performances. Justin’s popularity on previous episodes is what makes the SNL production team desire his talent again and again.

Justin’s first appearance on SNL occurred on March 11, 2000. He performed with the boy-band N’Sync. This group is what gave Justin his start to fame. Since then, Justin has appeared on SNL numerous times. He appeared as a host two times, as a musical guest one time and as both guest and host three times. Overall, it took Mr. Timberlake approximately eleven years and seventy one days to become an official member of the Five-Timers Club.

Justin Timberlake has joined a group that includes some of the most well-known names in television and movie history. The Five-Timers Club includes Steve Martin, Elliott Gould, Paul Simon, Alec Baldwin, Danny DeVito, Chevy Chase, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken and Candice Bergen. Club members Steven Martin, Candice Bergen, Paul Simon, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks welcomed Justin into the Five- Timers Club on March 9. The skit started as Justin’s monologue and slowly progressed into an exclusive nightclub where each of the elite members began talking about their past time on SNL.

Justin Timberlake went on performing in the show, making his fifth time hosting a memorable SNL event. It is not only a big deal but an honor to have been asked to host such a prominent show. The fact that Justin is so young is another reason why the experience was a memorable one. Justin is thirty two years old and already a member of the Five-Timers Club. Most of the other members did not reach this level at such a young age or with as much popularity.

Television studio NBC has successfully been producing the show for over thirty years. Club members such as Steven Martin, Alec Baldwin and Tom Hanks have hosted so many times that those episodes have been added to the “Best of SNL” compilation. Who knows – maybe Justin Timberlake will one day join the “Best of SNL” group, too.

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