Sunday, December 1, 2013

Remembering Summer in Spain

By Mario D’Urso

Everyone loves to go on vacation, but nobody enjoys their vacation like my brother. I interviewed my brother Nico D’Urso, asking him what was his most memorable experience, and he spoke about his last trip to Spain.

“Spain is the most beautiful country to ever visit and I’m going to need to find a new vacation spot to top this if it’s possible,” my brother said after he explained how our family will be selling our vacation house in Spain. I asked him what his most memorable part of the trip was and he sighed, smiled at me and said “It’s going to have to be between the nightlife and the beach.” He said the nightlife in Spain is incredible; “ It’s a total free for all in that country and everyone is just looking to make friends and be happy.” He enjoyed the people, the music, and the atmosphere in the clubs of Spain.

He spoke about how he loved being able to wake up and walk to a beautiful beach. Being from North Jersey, the only beaches he has are always an hour away from him, so he enjoyed the walking distance to the beach. “Waking up and being able to throw on my bathing suit and walk down the block to the beach was probably, now that I think about it, the best part of the vacation.”

To have a house that is walking distance from the beach is absolutely convenient and relaxing, he said. Spain is a beautiful vacation spot and anybody who is lucky enough to visit should soak up every minute because my brother has nothing but great memories and great things to say about his vacation. He is disappointed that the family will be selling the old house they would stay at. But later during the interview he explained to me that there may be hope for another summer in Spain.

“My dad loves going to Spain almost as much as I do and throughout the vacation I saw him checking out new houses that were for sale, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we make another visit to Spain this summer,” Nico added. “The experience of being in Europe and experiencing the culture of the people was also something I won’t forget, the difference between American culture and European culture is so different but so similar in many ways.”

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