Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Spirit

By Jordan Klingler

As you know, Christmas is right around the corner.  That means most of us will be seeing our family members, eating a ton of food, and exchanging gifts with one another. A lot of stress is put on people this time of the year, whether it is because of finals in school or just worried about somebody not liking a gift you purchased for them. People get so stressed they sometimes forget to enjoy the holiday season.

They forget that there are so many different things they can go see; for example, the tree in Rockefeller Center  If you are feeling stressed, nothing will help you to better relax then getting into the Christmas spirit by seeing one of the biggest trees around.

While you are in NYC you might as well go see Macy’s Christmas windows and see what they have going on in the windows this year! If you are really feeling like getting into the spirit of Christmas you can even cut down your very own Christmas tree! While in the city you might as well go see the Rockettes at Rockefeller Center.  They are all about Christmas spirit, because they decorate everything they possibly can.

Another way to get into the Christmas spirit is to watch Christmas movies such as Elf or a classic like Home Alone. A tradition my family has is to watch the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve, because there is nothing like seeing Ralphie get his Red Ryder BB Gun!

Lastly, do some Christmas shopping. Buying gifts for people is another way to get into the Christmas spirit.  Christmas is all about giving and enjoying the time you have with your family. Also, seeing the joy people get from the gifts that are given to them and remembering why we are celebrating this special day is what Christmas is about.

Jordan Klingler is a junior at St. Thomas Aquinas College. He is majoring in Communications and minoring in Marketing. Klingler is hoping to land a job doing video editing or filming when he graduates in 2015. 

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