Sunday, December 1, 2013

Greek Life Is More Than Parties

By Carlos Garcia

Some amazing statistics and facts of Greek life. There are 9 million Greek members nationally. Of the 50 largest corporation heads, 43 are lead by Greek members; 85% of leaders of Fortune 500 companies belong to a fraternity or sorority and76% of all congressmen and senators belong to a fraternity. Most presidents of the United States have been a part of a fraternity.

Being in a fraternity or sorority is proven to have a higher graduation rate. I feel that these facts are really informative and really interesting. On many campuses, Greek life can truly dictate fun and entertainment.  Being Greek does not necessarily mean everything is about parties. Often there is a large amount of professionalism to each fraternity or sorority.

In my personal experience, I am a member of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity. This fraternity enabled me to experience many things and learn a lot about myself. As an individual on campus, you may be seen differently or held to a higher stander because of what you represent. Just like how a police officer must conduct him or herself differently with a uniform on. Often times people think of a fraternity as a binge drinking hangout. In reality, most college parties get like that. Fraternities and sororities have a lot more to offer than just alcohol.

As a brother, you have to learn how to work with people and how to manage a budget and have events. This is great because as a future employer you look for people with qualities that are very similar. For example, if your boss needs you to coordinate a event you may have already gained that experience in college. Often even at work, you have people you cannot get along with but need to in order to get the job done. As brothers you need to work with each person’s different personalities, so it teaches you a good lesson for the workplace.

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