Saturday, December 10, 2011

STAC Dance a Big Success

By Kristen McGeough

St. Thomas Aquinas College held its annual winter semi formal dance on December 2    Underclassmen as well as upperclassmen were invited to the school dance, as STAC insured a great time for all.

The preparation for the dance was time consuming, but well worth it for participants, who adorned the location of the dance, STAC’s Romano Center, with intricate decorations appropriate for the holiday season. “The theme for the winter semi formal was difficult to build, however we put a lot of effort in and it made the night a success,” said James Joy, a junior at the college. Some of the creative embellishments made for the dance were pretty paper staircases, cutout figurines, and a beautiful chandelier made out of white tulle.

”I was one of the people that helped set up for the dance, and it looked like the actual set wasn’t going to look great when we set up, but it turned out to look fine and the dance was a lot of fun!” said Rob Garilli, a senior and Student Government executive board President.

Students slipped into their best formal attire and got ready for a night of fun as a professional DJ played in the Romano.  Not only was there great music, but the dance was catered with delicious food for the partygoers to devour. Appetizers included fried ravioli, chicken fingers, and a bounty of coconut shrimp. The dinner menu consisted of penne alla vodka, steak, chicken and salad. Last but not least, the dessert choices were cheesecake and scrumptious cupcakes generously made by a fellow student.

After the endless array of food was served, students returned to the dance floor and continued to dance the night away.

There was also Winter Semi Formal King and Queen chosen that night. The Queen who was chosen by fellow students was senior Kara Gould, and the King none other than Rob Garilli, who when asked said he was happy that he had been picked.

Not only students attended the dance, but faculty members crowded the dance floor. Even the president of the college, Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick, made a grand appearance. A junior at the college, Alex Chicherchia, stated “The highlight of the dance was when Dr. Fitzpatrick jumped on a lit up platform and danced in front of everyone.”

The dance turned out to be a great success, and students left with remarkable memories of a night they will never forget. Overall, the Winter Semi Formal exceeded expectations, and STAC students who were in attendance are anticipating next year’s festivities.

Kristen McGeough is a junior at St. Thomas Aquinas College majoring in communication arts who enjoys writing in her free time.

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