Tuesday, December 13, 2011

“The Disco Biscuits” Get Ready for their New Years Run!

By Rob Scully

Back again for more, The Disco Biscuits return to the legendary Nokia Theater (now known as Best Buy Theater) for another three night run in glorious Times Square, New York City.

Since 1995, the band has been destroying different venues throughout the United States with their bass heavy, electronic sound. The Biscuits, for short, can be categorized under the genre of an electronic jam band. They are one of the few bands to undertake such a sound and make it their own. Their fan base has grown tremendously throughout the past sixteen years they have been playing together.

With the New Year just around the corner, the band is currently preparing to blow up the stage at The Best Buy, starting the day after Christmas  through Dec. 28 and then running to the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Dec.30 and New Year’s Eve

Within the past year, the Biscuits have only played twelve shows. This worries their fans, while fanning rumors on the grape vine that the band is soon to break up. Most fans would like to believe the rumors are not true, but who truly knows what will happen until it happens. One of the main reasons the rumor has been spreading is because each band member has recently put more time into their separate side projects.

Jon Gutwillig, the guitarist, has recently created a DJ project based in New York City call DJ Barber. This breaks many fans’ hearts to see him put down his guitar, and rely on computer programs to create music. He has recently played venues such as the Delancey on the upper west side of New York City, and the Brooklyn Bowl located in Brooklyn. Many biscuit fans refuse to give his new project a shot because they have had so much experience with the band that it is impossible.

The bass player Marc Brownstein and keyboardist Aaron Magner have also put more work toward their side project called Conspirator. Conspirator has been around since 2005, but was not such a main factor in their lives. They put much more focus on the Biscuits’ sound, playing many more shows. Recently, they have announced a full fall and winter tour, which is one of the main reasons of a possible break up with the Biscuits. Conspirator also has been working on a new album, not leaving much time to work on new tour dates and music with The Disco Biscuits.

Finally, the drummer Allen Aucoin has just begun a new side project as well. He has been putting on many shows upstate New York alone. He has created a sound not many have heard but has a growing fan base.

“Many fans are feeling very skeptical about the upcoming run,” said Todd Scarfi, a resident of Westwood, New Jersey. “The recent shows I have been able to attend they have just not been clicking. They are not the Biscuits anymore. I hope to hear them click during the run or I will be very disappointed I decided to go, as much as I love the band.”

Todd, being a fan for almost six years, now can say he has the experience to be able to tell what is going on with the band he so truly loves. On the other hand, The Disco Biscuits fan base has grown widely, as most old fans are having trouble adapting to their new sound. Their sound seems to have started becoming more mainstream, appealing to a younger crowd.

During the summer of 2011 The Disco Biscuits released a new album by the name of “Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens.” This album has stirred up much talk on the band, and has been named the best album they have written and recorded thus far. In the end the question is, will the band sound up to the par their fans are expecting?

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Rob Scully is a sophomore at St. Thomas Aquinas College majoring in Communication Arts.

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