Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bushkill Falls: Pennsylvania’s Slice of Heaven

By Gerald Marafioti

There is an otherworldly beauty that is reserved for nature, only to be viewed by appreciative people with a keen eye for detail. This beauty has been noticed at locations such as The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Cave of the Winds, Carlsbad Caverns and a secluded spot in Pennsylvania known as Bushkill Falls.

Up in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania off Interstate Rt. 80 is the rather well hidden tourist attraction that is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. The gorgeous set of falls, which has been a hot spot for tourists since 1904, contains everything that nature could offer in one spot. I have been there numerous times to observe the beauty that has been carved out by years and years of rushing water, and I was able to enjoy this beauty with my significant other twice.

The falls area has four paths that wrap around the cascading waterway and the surrounding woods to ensure the one traveling the trails sees everything they could. With the shortest trail lasting just about thirty minutes, and the longest lasting over two hours depending on the speed of the hiker and how often one stops to take in all the beauty, it gives everyone the opportunity to ensure they see all that their own endurance allows them to. The longest trail winds through all of the other trails, along with having a long hike into the woods where you can see a different side of nature which includes flowers, trees, creeks, rock formations and even forest critters like chipmunks and deer.

There are many hotspots on the trail which ensure that you see this piece of heaven from the best locations. These locations are little alcoves that cut off from the main path to enable you to see the falls from over, under and even behind the falls themselves.

Fall and early Spring are the ideal times to view the greatness of these falls, due to the fact that there are not many mosquitoes in the area at that time and because the temperature ranges between a perfect 55 to 75. If any hotter, there is a slight, constant mist from the falls that is very relaxing and very cooling. A favorite spot where the tourists of Bushkill Falls gather is the Lovers Nook, a cut off from the main path with a bench where the lovers from around the globe come to carve their initials into the bench for good luck for their relationship. I personally have done this with my significant other, and found the initials my parents carved there twenty years earlier.

All in all, Bushkill Falls is a beautiful place to visit with friends, family, and lovers. It’s a place for everyone to observe nature and the inner beauty our world has to offer. Admission is fairly inexpensive and it is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen. Visiting here is something I recommend doing if anyone is an outdoor enthusiast or wants to visit somewhere breath-taking. Kids love it and dogs are allowed on the trails. Bushkill Falls is the beauty that some people have thought did not exist on Earth anymore.

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Gerald Marafioti is a sophomore at Saint Thomas Aquinas College. “I am a Communication Arts major who aspires to be a radio DJ as my professional career. I am the Program Director of the on-campus radio station WSTK, where I have a weekly radio show on Monday nights from 6 to 8 p.m. I am an Average Joe kind of person and I enjoy playing video games and hiking in my spare time. I enjoy writing and reading books and one day hope to write my own book for the masses to enjoy.”

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