Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Concert to Remember

By Nicolette Danzy

Webster Hall was packed March 24, 2014. The up and coming R&B sensation Sam Smith was performing for a crowd of eager girls awaiting to see his talents on stage and not through YouTube. The East Village concert hall is on the 3rd floor and the stage stood high off the ground. You could see people moving to their balcony seats from the ground level Maggie, Briana, and I stood at. Although the concert hadn’t started, it was dimly lit to set the mood.

“It was one of the best concerts that I have been to by far,” said Maggie, a STAC alumni who accompanied me and my cousin Briana to the concert. “I didn’t hear of him till you showed us that song ‘Latch.’ So I downloaded his EP and which I first listened to on our way here so I would know the songs a little to sing along to.”

Dev Hynes, also known as Blood Orange, opened the show with his 80’s R&B vibes, bringing almost a Prince vibe to the concert hall. The singer has produced and written songs with singers Solange Knowls, Tinashe, Sky Ferreia, and more. He performed his new songs “Chamakay”, “It Is What It Is”, “You’re Not Good Enough” and many more. He even brought out his own guest singer.

“When he sang ‘Chamakay’ I fell in love,” said Briana Moore, STAC alumni. “It was beautiful. He was beautiful.”

The 22-year-old Brit sang his songs from the Nirvana EP, “Safe With Me”, “I’ve Told You Now” , “Money On My Mind” , “Together”, “Nirvana” and even performed the new song “Stay With Me.” The Grammy Award winner also performed his number one hit song “Latch” in an acoustic version that set the audience in a trance. 

“Just the fact that we were there listening to him before the awards, before his first album, before he was this famous, is what makes that day so memorable. The tickets were only $30, now he has sell out shows that probably start at like $75 for the worst nose bleed seats ever,” said Maggie.

Fans from all boroughs attended the show, and sang along to the ballads of Sam Smith. The atmosphere at the hall was undeniably breath taking.

“When he performed ‘Latch’ the acoustic version, the whole place started singing along. That song really brought him up,” said Maggie. “That song, ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Stay With Me’ were the best. It’s funny how that song got so popular and we heard it before it was even released. I remember he told us it was new and that we had to let him know if we liked it. I’m sure we all loved it, how could anybody not. His voice is so soft and sweet, I loved it. It was definitely a night to remember.”

Needless to say, Sam Smith was just as amazing as he is now.

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