Monday, February 16, 2015

The Great Blizzard that Bypassed New York

By Kristin McGrath

Due to the massive media coverage on the super storm “Blizzard Juno,” Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for the state of New York on Monday, January 26. Blizzard Juno was supposedly going to force everyone to be stuck inside their homes for a few days. When we ended up getting about three to four inches of snow, we realized that “Juno” passed us.  Long Island got hit hard and New England got the predicted three feet of snow that we were supposed to get. 

New York City was like a ghost town towards the night on Monday, the roads were shut down by 11 pm and if anyone was found on the roads they were threatened with being fined with as much as a three hundred dollar ticket.  The meteorologists didn’t predict wrong, it did end up being a huge storm, just not near us.

This caused a ton of problems for the City of New York. All Government buildings were shut down, state buildings, the trains, the buses, stores, and schools.  The City lost a lot of money because of closing down all of the means of transportation and their buildings.  The supermarkets were crazy because everyone was buying an excess supply of food just in case, the lines at the gas station were long, too.  A couple years ago, we got hit with Hurricane Sandy and because of that storm a lot of people went out and bought generators just in case that were to ever happen again.

When these stories are on the news it makes people more cautious of the worst that could happen and they prepare for the next time.  The media coverage on storms is to prepare the citizens of what could happen; it is a good thing that we didn’t get three feet of snow, but the fact that the storm missed us caused a lot of money to be lost.

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