Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Media Brings Super Bowl to the World

By Erin McCarthy

The Super Bowl this year had over 5,500 media members credentialed to cover the game and any related events. Much of what was covered was through television for viewers unable to attend the game to see it. Numerous sound systems and screens inside the stadium also play a huge role in the media view of the Super Bowl. As for a person who was unable to be at the game and or not have a television, they were able to listen to the game over the radio, another aspect of the media's role in the production of the Super Bowl.

Many different cameras are used to produce the viewing of the game through the TV. Having multiple cameras is a way to create different angles and shots of certain plays during the game. For example, when one camera has a shot of the player punting the ball another camera has an angle of the player receiving the ball, in order to smoothly switch from the punter to the receiver without technical issues.

Everything during the Super Bowl is live, except the commercials. These pre-recorded commercials also have a lot to do with the media side of the Super Bowl. Alongside the TV broadcast and commercial breaks, there is constantly someone speaking as the game is going on in order to better explain or clear up anything unseen or missed by the viewer.

The process of having the game be aired live is tremendous itself, but when all the other smaller roles come into effect it makes everything that much more complicated. The media has one of the largest roles in the production of the Super Bowl. Without the media nobody outside of the stadium would be able to watch or listen to the game. Media gives practically everyone an opportunity to see the Super Bowl each year. 

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