Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mentoring 101

By Angel Matos

Recently, I was given the opportunity of attending a year-end event held by the auditing company KPMG. For those who are unaware, KPMG is one of the four most successful accounting firms as well as one of the largest professional service companies; and it showed. Upon arrival at the KPMG worksite in Montvale, NY, we were surrounded by big glass windows and a metallic decor that made the whole entranceway pop. Everything was very organized; the lanyard nametags that were given to us had a back-up safety pin.

We were escorted to the room in which the event was being held and from the moment you walked in, it felt like a dining hall for a resort, with a keen eye for white and blue. It was refreshing. Those who designed the interior of the room kept in mind that people may try to fall asleep and it was wise thought because the sunlight bounces all around the room. It also seems that they were so determined to make sure that no one falls asleep by having snacks like cookies and Starbuck’s coffee and even funnel cake! I am not one to overlook careful planning and that is certainly what occurred in making the event happen.

The event was one for their mentoring program that allows selective colleges/universities, such as St. Thomas Aquinas College, to pair a student with a trained and passionate mentor. The mentor will then help the student in building confidence, in making career choices or any other sort of support that the student may need to be successful. At the event, the students who were assigned a mentor were given a chance to meet with their mentors and “break the ice.”

The event was designed around professional tips to ensure a successful interview, business lunch and proper business attire. There was even a PowerPoint presentation depicting all of the possible tips for success as well as a few fun facts about the company, for example, how the “K” in their KPMG logo has a specific angle to it and any other form of it would be incorrect.

Overall, it was a wonderful event and I am happy to have been able to attend and learn all of the professional tips from business professionals at one of the four biggest accounting firms worldwide.

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