Monday, March 24, 2014

"Diamonds" Sparkled in Brooklyn

By Nicolette Danzy

The Barclays Center was packed on May 5, 2013. As Rihanna, the princess of pop, made her way to the center a few hours late, fans and I trooped into the Brooklyn arena from the LIRR in our cutest outfits to watch the Grammy award-winning singer on her Diamonds World Tour.

“It was one of the best concerts that I have been to by far,” said Briana Moore, my cousin, who accompanied me. “She looked stunning even though she was late. ASAP Rocky was great too.”

Rapper ASAP Rocky was the opening act. He came out in his long braids and sat on the white throne that was on stage as he proceeded to rap. He played his songs “PMW”, “Fashion Killa”, “F** Problems” and many more. The atmosphere as he was rapping was amazing. Groups of people from ages 10 to 30 were reciting the lines of the rapper, who also goes by Lord Flacko.

“The best part of the concert was definitely Rihanna’s opening and closing. When she sang 'Diamonds' and 'Mother Mary,' I wanted to faint,” said Moore.

Rihanna performed songs from all her albums. The 26-year-old singer opened the show singing one her songs from her newest album “Unapologetic” and continued to sing songs from “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Loud”, and “Talk That Talk.” She closed the show singing her current number one song “Diamonds,” which she also performed on the late night comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Local fans from the New York and New Jersey area were not the only people attending her concert. Jeremy Scott, the designer for Addidas Sneakers, also came. He joined her in singing her hit song from her Loud Album “S&M.”

“I think that was the funniest part of the concert. He sounded so horrible even she couldn’t help but laugh a little,” said Moore.

Overall, one of my most memorable experiences and my cousin’s most memorable experience was being able to attend a pop icon’s concert.

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