Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The World of Shoenice22

By Michael Benedetto
“Get on your mark, get set, Shoenice.” These are the famous words of  of YouTube sensation Christopher Schewe, better known as Shoenice22. He dreams of one day ending world hunger as well as winning a Emmy Award in what he refers to as a “field in comedy.”

His first YouTube video was published on April 11, 2008, called Shoenice22's First YouTube Video, where he talks in depth about his family of “pot heads.”

Schewe was born May 30, 1969 in Denver, Colorado, where he earned his fame around his small suburban town by eating non edible objects as well as chugging large quantities of alcohol in seconds, enough to kill someone. “When I was young I would eat grass and then it progressed to eating baking soda and eating all the ingredients in my home economics classes, the teachers always knew my group would never finish because I always ate the ingredients,” he stated.

Over a decade later, at the age of 27 Schewe found himself coping with an emotional divorce and was forced to move out of his home where he lost custody of his son. “The hardest part of it all was knowing I wasn't going to tuck my son in at night,” explained Schewe. He was then injured during a construction project that left him unemployed and unable to work. “I was bored sitting around my apartment all day with nothing to do,” he explained. “So I decided it was worth trying to make money with this talent that I have.”

“Basically I have built a very high tolerance for alcohol over many years,” said Schewe. “My stomach can go through anything.”

Schewe currently has over 100 uploaded videos on YouTube, each video has over a million views. He came very close to earning the title “King of the Web” through his amazing ability to eat and drink almost anything. “I have videos of me eating crayons, rubber cement, rolls of toilet paper, tampons, pencils, deodorant, condoms, I drink full bottles of liquor in 15 seconds or less; I basically can eat or drink anything without dying,” he said excitedly. “Not a single video is fake.”

Schewe calls himself “the professional idiot.” He makes money from all the videos he has uploaded. “I basically have people sending me free bottles of liquor and checks from YouTube, many people are jealous of me and my talent and wish they could sit in their house doing what I do,” he said.

One angry fan started a rumor that he died from ingesting rat poison. “Shoenice can't die,” Schewe said with a strong sense of confidence.

In 2011 Schewe was banned from uploading any videos and his YouTube account was deactivated by YouTube. It was reported that he was insisting that in order to be accepted as his Friend on Facebook, individuals had to pay 10 dollars. It was also believed that Schewe was trying to persuade fans to wire him large amounts of money. “All that is bull shit, I didn't do any of that,” said Schewe. “I get lots of money from my videos, Shoenice ain’t like that,” he stated in a funny voice. 

Schewe hopes to move to New York City within the year to host his very own television show. “I am done with entertaining people on Youtube, I wanna move on to bigger and better things; I was made for  TV, I want to do stand up comedy, and win a f****ing Emmy,” Schewe shouted. “It's not about the money, it's about ending world hunger doing what I do best,” and that is the legacy Schewe wants to be remembered for.

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