Tuesday, November 12, 2013

STAC Students Get Exclusive Look at Fast Money

By Gregory Cordone

STAC Business and Communication Arts Club members were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at CNBC’s stock trading talk show "Fast Money."  The trip was organized by Professors Mihall and Kahill, and marked the second trip to the Time Square studio by a St. Thomas Aquinas College group. 

Students arrived on West 42nd Street at 4:15 pm.  After parking and a taking a quick browse through some surrounding streets and stores, the group entered the studio in time for countdown at 5 pm sharp. 

Business-interested students were assured a worthwhile viewing by Senior Producer Lydia Thew, who stated, “Tesla is down…It’s going to be an interesting show.”

Watching Lydia work was good insight for the production-enthused students, as they were able to see her communicate with the control room and floor to control questions, call for graphics on screen, and follow the script to ensure perfect timing in the show’s running length.  The studio floor also demonstrated the six-camera shooting pattern and cutting between them, which created the fluent, professional appearance of the program. 

Intense discussions over serious stock drops in Tesla Motors, which social media stocks to buy and sell, the sinking gas prices, and the fate of the Art market made the trip meaningful to business majors, who got to see professional opinions unfold before them. 

“(We) love getting students, having them tuning in…I wish I started at that age,” said Tim Seymour, Cohost and founder of Triogem Asset Management.

After production ceased, students were brought onto the set for pictures and interviews with the panelists.  Several students inquired about how to become an investor.  “Everyone should put fifty bucks in some stocks with money they can afford to lose,” advised Tim. 

Copies of the day’s script for the program were given to students before leaving.  These served as professional templates for the show’s basic production in the eyes of Communication Arts club members.  The parting gift also helped business students who could assess and study each question and answer the show offered on its finance topics that day.

The trip was rounded off with dinner a short walk away at Heartland Brewery, following the wrap up of the show.  The restaurant is famous for its homemade beers and fountain sodas, as well as gourmet burgers. The STAC van returned to campus around 8 pm.  All nine attendees discussed their unanimous satisfaction with the trip and what they learned as they traversed to their individual cars or dorms. 

For any student interested in stocks and trading, but was unable to attend the club expedition, Guy Adami, a founding "Fast Money" panelist, will be speaking at St. Thomas on Thursday, November 14, at 2:30 pm in Sullivan Theater. All students are welcome to attend and ask questions.  

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