Wednesday, April 24, 2013

President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union

By Toni Ann Buchalski                           

In February of 2013, President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union speech. The President had much to say in his address, most of which was well received by the audience. Many topics were touched upon, in which the President not only expressed his personal feelings, but also the perspectives that many Americans have. I would like to focus upon certain areas of President Obama’s State of the Union, specifically college costs, women in the work force, immigration and minimum wage.

The President spoke about how his administration was unvealing a college score card. This score card is meant to be a tool for parents and students to use when deciding on a college to attend. This tool is meant to compare costs, and help guide a student as to where they can receive the best education at an efficient cost. President Obama appeared to be very adamant when talking about such a subject.

I think it is safe to assume that the President does care about the future of American citizens. He realizes that our nation’s youth is the public’s future. This is an important subject to dwell upon. I think it was wise for Obama to elaborate upon such a topic by explaining the need for Americans to remain motivated and hard working. He also stated that we as a nation should use our opportunities to get ahead in the world. This is for the sole purpose to improve our nation and prove ourselves as a sort of world leader.

President Obama’s next topic concerned legal immigration reform. He strongly believes that people should come to America not only in a legal manner, but to help reform the system so that these immigrants can truly be called American citizens.

Obama wishes for immigration to not only boost our economy by adding jobs, but also enhance our cultural perspectives. Obama feels that a way to reform legal immigration would be to enforce American civic duties. These duties include paying taxes, learning to speak English properly, passing a background check and becoming an American citizen correctly and respectfully. This subject appears to be a major concern of American citizens. From Obama’s speech, it appears that he is very serious in ensuring that revisions and reforms are taken seriously and actually carried out.

One of the next topics that Obama discussed can be received as more of a personal opinion, but it is one that a large population agrees with. Obama stated that women should be given the opportunity to earn an equal living such as men who are employed in the same job position. Obama has a wife and two daughters. This may be his incentive for including such a topic. However, women today have more opportunities than ever before. He is encouraging women to take advantage of these opportunities and use them wisely. Obama wishes to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act this year. This topic led into another popular concern – minimum wage.

Obama believes that a fair day’s work should receive a fair wage. He wishes to raise the national minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. He has taken into perspective that nineteen states have decided to raise their minimum wage above the current seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. Obama appears to be quite determined to improve the middle class and their financial issues. He wishes to ensure that a middle class citizen can actually make a living and survive comfortably with a minimum wage salary. He is correct in stating that citizens should not have to wait years for a change to occur. It’s quite noticeable that a comfortable living is not cheap. Here is too much poverty. It is not fair for young adults to find themselves in debt before their careers have even started. Obama’s plan is to convince companies to hire more American employees to better our national workforce as a whole.

Overall, I feel that Obama is an eloquent and strong speaker. His presence appears confident. His tone expresses a sense of true concern for the citizens he oversees. His leadership may not always be valued or supported, but it is his words that can possibly change a citizen’s view. Speeches can be very powerful. America is a nation that was built upon actions but even stronger words.

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