Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ross Markman: Making of a Reporter

By Emily Maffei

Ross Markman started his career as a reporter with just one journalism class under his belt, an associates degree at Bucks County Community College, and a part-time clerical job at Bucks County Courier Times. All of this led him to further his career as a municipal reporter and landed him an internship that lasted two years. He covered local government issues in Newtown, a suburb north of Philadelphia, PA. He was lucky to have an editor that was able to take the time and show him the ropes.

He decided that it was more important to pursue the career he already started before going back to school. So he took a risk and traveled out west to Havre, Montana where he furthered his career as a municipal reporter, covering stories of local town, county, and other government issues.

Reading this article about Ross Markman, I found it very helpful and hopeful. He talked about various reporting tips from knowing a community, being familiar with a topic before covering the story, and don’t be afraid to reach out and respectfully ask people questions on a certain issue. Hearing his story gives me hope that I will be able to start a career as long as I have determination, self-discipline, and drive.

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