Monday, February 25, 2013

Lillian Ross: A Passion for Writing

By Daniel Longarino  

I learned quite a few things in reading Lillian Ross’ essay. Journalism is something she seems to be very passionate about, which brings me to the first thing I learned. One of her guidelines was that she only writes about things that appeal to her, which I think is very important. For example, if she wasn’t interested and passionate about this essay topic, I highly doubt that it would be as well written and engaging. When I write about topics I find interesting, I find experience to be fun, easy to do and ends up producing a much better end result than if I was not interested. Writing about things I don’t find interesting is extremely tedious and boring. Reading this article, I learned to always write about what I find interesting, because that’s when I will be at my best.

Another thing I learned from reading this essay is that as Lillian Ross noted, “all writers are different from every other writer, the way every human being is different from every other.” To me, this quote means that while writing has rules that should be followed; a writer should always include their own technique, personality and style into their pieces. I view writing as a way to express myself, and if I am just writing the way someone else tells me to do word for word, it’s not my own piece. I think Ross is trying to explain that everyone should stay true to themselves when writing.

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