Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hollywood Reporter with Big Dreams but Battling the Whole Way

By Dana Godwin

          Giuliana Rancic, an American celebrity news personality from Naples, Italy has taken celebrity news reporting by storm.  Born August 17, 1974, she immigrated to Maryland, USA as a young girl of only seven with big bright dreams.  She alone has now created fame for herself with her vivacious personality.
          Giuliana learned how to speak English through watching countless hours of news channels as a young girl.  As the youngest child with an older brother and sister, she had to find ways to make herself noticed.  Often feeling self conscious because of her horrendous scoliosis, she made the best of the situation and focused on her personality and charm to get her where she wanted.  She married her husband, Bill Rancic, and the two are among the most adored couples in America.  Being a successful anchor is hard work but not many can do it.  She is one of the luckiest women and charming ladies that have been fortunate enough to grace the television sets of millions of Americans. 
          Taking her passion to be a news anchorwoman, she went to the University of Maryland to study journalism.  From there she went to American University to receive her master’s of journalism.  Stationed in D.C., she was a reporter on Capitol Hill which covered the Pentagon up to the White House.  Realizing she wanted a more charismatic and entertaining job as a reporter, she moved to California and joined the E! News Network, co-working with stars like Ryan Seacrest since 2006. Her work at E! gave her the luxury of reporting for major red carpet events for award shows such as the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.  Using her education and experience, she created and executive produced an MTV show called "Celebrity Rap Superstar".  Other major credits of Rancic include hosting Miss USA in 2011 on NBC.
          Giuliana, unfortunately, has a less than bubbly personal life.  She met her now husband after he won the television show, "The Apprentice," after doing an interview with him.  The two were quickly engaged in December of 2006 after a flirtatious and obviously in love romance.  The two were married less than a year later in September of 2007 in Capri, Italy.  Their wedding was completely documented and aired on their television reality show, "Giuliana and Bill," which is still airing today. 
          Since 2009, the couple became public with their struggles to conceive a child.  They continued to be public about all of their issues in order to remain connected and loyal to their fans.  The Rancics tried using in vitro fertilization in March of 2010, which was successful for only nine weeks when Giuliana sadly miscarried.  Throughout the fertility challenges, the couple went through many options before finding out that Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2011.  She immediately had surgery to remove the cancer and then underwent double mastectomy in December of 2011.  She recovered quickly and was back at work to keep herself busy and surrounded by positive energy.  Once she was cancer free, she and Bill researched their options before receiving long awaited good news.
          In April of 2012, the couple publicly announced that they would be expecting their first child through a gestational carrier that would be due late summer.  The surrogate mother is a close friend of the couple who was generous enough to donate her body for the couple.  News of the pregnancy overwhelmed the couple emotionally, showing the world just how long they have waited and truly want a child to raise together.  This child will be completely their own because they banked their last supply of sperm and egg to use that had not been affected by radiation from cancer treatment.  This was the last chance to have a baby that was entirely their own before exploring other options.  After all their obstacles, they were able to stay positive and consider all options to have children.
          Giuliana Rancic has taken the world by storm with her amazing way to gravitationally pull the audience into her story.  She reports on happy, sad, and trendy topics.  It will be exciting to continue to watch her grow as a news woman and give back to her fans and all viewers.  The couple as a team is unstoppable because of their absolutely engaging personalities.  While Guiliana reports on all that is happening in the world of entertainment, Bill is off on Project Smile expeditions to help those that are less fortunate.  Her work is inspiring for those interested in broadcast journalism and an inspiration for women with fertility obstacles.  Overall, Giuliana has found the American dream and really soaked in everything it has to offer.

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Dana Godwin is a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas College from Wappingers Falls, New York.  She is a Business Administration major who decided to add a minor in Communication Arts.  She was actively involved in student government and the theatre program.  After graduation in May of 2012, Dana will be entering the working world.

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