Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Taking Pride in Writing

By Delilah Scrudato

          After reading Lillian Ross’s rules of reporting, I learned a lot of techniques to incorporate into my own writing.  I agree with Ross that it is important to report feelings of the subject by quotes and actions. With the use of actions one can capture the readers’ attention and make the writing piece come to life with quotes. Ross says, “Often, when I write my stories, it feels a bit like creating a short story, but it’s more difficult, because I’m working with facts.”
          After my first journalism assignment, I understand Lillian’s point of view. I am used to writing based on my opinion or feelings, whereas in reporting it’s not like that. I now know to portray my feelings I can create my own short story filled with facts, details, actions and quotes. When I think of writing, as a story it makes it easier and allows room for visuals, which Ross uses.
          The best part about writing is getting to write about what one enjoys. Ross only writes about what she is passionate about. I believe that writing a story that is relevant to oneself and pleasurable makes for an appealing story. Lillian writes because she loves it and it gives her a wonderful life. I agree with her; I feel exuberant after I’ve written a piece and made all the final touches. I always take pride in my writing as Miss Ross does. By taking pride in one’s work, it enables him or her to put forth more effort to gain a masterpiece every time.
          Only when I write, like Lillian, it comes naturally, which is why pursuing a career in writing makes sense.

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