Monday, February 20, 2012

Small Town Girl With Big Dreams

By Dominique Scarinci

            Kelsey Robbins was born April 20, 1991 in Peekskill, New York and grew up to be a diehard Giants and Yankees fan. Twenty years later she finds herself studying psychology with a minor of communications at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Psychology was easy for Kelsey to pick; she was always the advice giver to her friends and family, willing to help under any circumstances and she loves the brain chemistry of psychology. Ms. Robbins aspires to work in a hospital as a social worker and one day own her own office of practice.
            At twenty Kelsey experienced one of the most breathtaking times of her life. It started one early morning at the Cornwall waterfront in upstate New York. As Kelsey lowered herself into her kayak she started on her adventure downstream on the Hudson River towards West Point. When she ducked under the train tracks and slowed her pace, she suddenly embraced the beauty of nature. “It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life,” she said of the river view. The sunset took Kelsey’s breath away and forever would be an image in her head.
            Kelsey has a close bond with her sister. Kelsey and her sister are two years apart and have hopes of one day going on an adventure across country. They desire to travel to Los Vegas and experience the I heart music festival up close and personal. Kelsey hopefully will one day travel everywhere she wants, as well as die her cat orange to look like Garfield.     

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