Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Screaming Man

By Brittany Pinter

St. Thomas Aquinas College is a small quiet private college in Sparkill, New York. The school is known for its academics and its one-on-one interaction with students. Over the past few weeks St. Thomas Aquinas College has been nothing but quiet, except for the mysterious Screaming Man on campus. Who is he and why is St. Thomas Aquinas College his screaming grounds?

A few weeks ago, resident students living in the McNelis Commons reported spotting a strange man walking around the wooded areas. Shortly after, students started to hear a scream in the late night and early morning hours. Amanda Nathan, a dorm resident, said, “The scream is terrifying. It is not a normal sounding scream. That man is scary.” She and her roommates were among of the first students to hear and report this screaming man.

A few weeks ago, students started to notice a strange man walking around in the wooded areas in the back of the 3 building dorm area. At first no one thought anything of it, but when he started to appear more and more often some people got concerned. Natalie Colon became concerned when she was coming back late at night from her team practices and had to walk past the woods. Once she found out the man kept lurking in the woods, she stated, “Even though I’m an athlete, I still won’t be able to take down a six-foot-tall man.” Natalie and her teammates all started to become worried since they have late night and early morning practices that they all walk to.

Many of the students thought the episode of the man lurking in the woods would soon end but little did they know, he would start to cause more worries. Students, mostly girls living in the 3 building, started to hear more screams late at night and in the early morning hours. At first many students thought it was a student joking around, but once the screams went on for over a week everyone became aware this wasn't a prank.

Christine Handy had heard rumors of the strange man screaming at night but she never really believed it was true. One night last week she and her roommates were woken up by the screams. Christine said, “This scream is like no other, it is a terrified scream. I’m actually scared this man might do something crazy.” Christine and her roommates called STAC security right away along with students who heard the screams too. When security got to the scene, there was no one to be found. Over the next few days the screams were reported not only near the 3 building in the McNelis Commons but also in the Aquinas Village dorms, which are located on the other side of campus.

As more and more students found out about this screaming man, many rumors started to circulate. Some students heard this man was walking around campus with a backpack and a rope in his hand. Other students were saying the man is suffering from post-war syndrome. With all different rumors going around school, many students became very worried.

As the issue progressed, the Dean of Residence Life, Norman Huling, and the head security officer discussed how to handle the situation. Many students felt like security around the dorm areas was not enough. The Orangetown Police was also involved with the situation and officers searched the wooded areas frequently. According to the Campus Safety Director Jim Nawock, “We have taken several steps. We have placed security officers in personal cars placed outside of the 3 building.” Mr. Nawock had also responded to many phone calls and emailed to concerned parents. Many parents were happy to hear the school was taking proper precautions. Mr. Huling also sent out an email so all resident students giving out safety tips such as, “Walk with a buddy and keep campus security’s phone number in your cell phones.” After the emails were sent, many students were relieved about the actions by the campus.

Currently the campus security is still looking for the screaming man, but he has still not been found. Lately the screams have stopped but there is still high security around campus. Thankfully, none of the students and staff got hurt during all of the commotion and campus security will continue to be on-the-watch for the infamous screaming man.

Brittany Pinter is a 20-year-old sophomore at St. Thomas Aquinas College. She is from Clifton, New Jersey and is majoring in Communication Arts. Brittany eventually wants to be a special events planner and plan many exciting events.

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